Large Animal

Our veterinarians can work on livestock in the Bern clinic facility or make calls to farms that have adequate facilities for sorting and confining livestock.


  • Reproductive Evaluations
    Our veterinarians can diagnose pregnancy in bovines, equines and alpacas by use of ultrasound or rectal palpation.  The doctors evaluate the female reproductive tract for abnormalities and ovarian structures to see where the patient is in their cycle.  Pelvic measuring in heifers to predict how large a calf they can carry and when they are mature enough for their first calf is also available.
  • Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations
    Our veterinarians make sure your bull is in perfect form by doing a physical exam and evaluating semen quality before he is turned out for the breeding season.
  • Herd Health Consulting
    Dr. Jeff DeMint or Dr. Kurt Detweiler can sit down with producers to consult with them about custom vaccination and management protocols, and nutritional counseling to help make sure the herd stays healthy.
  • largeanimalsxLarge Animal Surgery
    Our veterinarians perform numerous surgeries on all species. Common large animals surgeries we perform are: Caesarian sections, correction of torsion in the abomasum, hernia repairs, and castrations.
  • In House Laboratory
    Both our clinics have in-house laboratories that analyze blood for complete blood count and serum blood chemistry to check for internal organ functions and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and T4 levels.
  • USDA Testing
    Whether it’s a health certificate, Coggins, tuberculosis, or brucellosis testing, all of our veterinarians are USDA Nationally Accredited and can perform tests required by the government.
  • Haul-in Facilities
    Our Bern office has equine stocks and indoor hydraulic chutes that make for smooth cattle processing.  Both of our hydraulic chutes tilt to the side to allow for easy foot trimming or any surgery that bovine feet may require.  We have adequate pens for sorting and holding.  We are able to work on any size group, from individuals, trailer loads, all the way up to semi-loads of cattle.
  • Portable Cattle Chute and Equine Stocks
    If you unable to bring your animals to our clinic we have a portable For-Most cattle chute with a palpation cage and equine stocks that we can haul to your farm.
  • JeffHeartTeeth Floating/Trimming
    If your horse is having problems chewing we can evaluate its teeth and float them if needed.  Dr. DeMint is also able to trim alpaca teeth.
  • Retail Product/Prescription Sales
    Both of our clinics carry large animal vaccines, prescription items, and supplies for your large animal needs.  If we do not have an item that you need, let us know and we can get most items by the next day.



As we head into calving season, it’s important to recognize the value of colostrum. Colostrum is the chief protection that calves have during the first three months of their life, until their immune system is fully active. It is crucial that calves receive 10% of their body weight in colostrum in the first 24 hours after birth. A colostrum supplement, like Lifeline, should be given when an adequate amount of colostrum is not available. A colostrum replacement, like Colostrx, should be given if no natural colostrum is available, such as when a calf is orphaned or has a twin.